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Dear Rose Sisters! I am pleased to inform you that the Church of Our Lady in Debrecen (Hungary) was consecrated on 21.07.2023.
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Jul 26, 2023
Dear Roses!💖🌹 We are very happy to inform you that our little temple in Debrecen (Hungary), which has been the venue of SotR meetings for several years, has been officially consecrated on 21.07.2023 (10 Million Multiplier Day🥰)!💖🙏🌹😇 Many of the SotR members who are active in Hungary honored us with their presence at the consecration of the Goddess Temple, which we thank all very much! 💖🌹🙏😇 The energies created and anchored at the meeting and during the subsequent weekly meetings were offered to Goddess Tara - Green Tara of the Earth and Poseidon of the Seas, so that the Goddess energy can flow in the highest possible harmony with the highest vibration of the Source in order to liberate the planet! 💖🙏 And Goddess Isis was asked to bless our Temple and everybody present. 💖🙏🌹🌈 Along with this, we asked the Goddess to extend her blessings to all who are open to know and receive the Goddess energies to find their way to our Goddess Temple, for it will be open to all who enter the doors of this sacred house with pure intentions.💖🙏  After the consecration, we connected to the elements of earth, fire, water and air, and with each of us holding 1 candle in our hands, we sang the song Light a candle for the earth (Bagdi Bella) We were connecting to the water element by turning on a garden sprinkler, but the heavens joined us because while the song was going on it started to rain. 💖🙏 (when we finished singing, the rain stopped too.😍) The pictures below speak for the wonderful energy of the day and the intimate moments!💖🌹 Blessings to all participants!💖🙏 Blessings to the Goddess Temples!💖🙏🌹💃🎼🌈 Victory of the Light!💖🙏😇🌹🎼💃


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